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  • kitokithygis started the conversation


    I read that the menu can be set in the header settings but I can't find where is the option to always display the navbar. I have selected the home12 demo to start my website but I would like to have the navbar set like in home5 demo. Is it possible? How can I get this result?

    I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    Best regards.

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    Joanna replied

    Hi kitokithygis,

    You can set the menu to: Style 2 - Transparent

    This can be done either in the North Theme Options > Header Style > (dropdown) Style 2 - Transparent.

    That affects the site globally (so all pages show the same menu style).

    Or, you can set it as an individual page inside of the page editor in the meta box to the right:

    Page Settings > Header Style > (dropdown) Style 2 - Transparent.

    Any further issues or questions don't forget to add your website link or wp login info so we can see what's going on

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