WPBakery Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and other plugins ask for activation key

If you see a notice from the WPBakery Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider plugin about plugin activation, you can dismiss it. Plugins that are bundled with themes do not come with additional license keys for them. It's the same case for all themes among ThemeForest market. 

You can of course activate those plugins by purchasing separate license codes for them but that will only add "premium features" like automatic updates. The "standard" functionality will remain the same.

So how can you update those plugins?

We provide the latest plugin versions in each theme update so just make sure that you have the latest theme version installed and you may be sure that it comes with the latest plugins version too.

Just follow these steps: 

1. Deactivate and delete the plugin 

2. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins 

3. Select the plugin from there and install and activate

That will now be the latest version of the plugin bundled with the theme.

You can always compare the version numbers from which you have installed to which version is available with your theme here: https://veented.ticksy.com/article/7962/