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North Theme Hooks

Crexis comes with numerous theme hooks that you may use to easily add new site content without affecting the parent theme. 

Want to learn more? Please visit this article.



Before the site header.


Before the page title area.


After the page title area.


Before the Footer Widgets area.


Before the Footer Bottom Bar (the one that holds the copyright text).


After the entire Footer area.

Example usage (in the child theme's functions.php file):

function my_site_new_footer_content() {
    echo 'Hello there! I am in a footer!';
add_action( 'north_after_footer', 'my_site_new_footer_content' );


As for now, only one filter is available that allows you to change the portfolio post type slug (used in the URL). To change the portfolio post slug, please use the following code:

function my_site_portfolio_slug( $portfolio_slug ) {        
    return 'works'; // New portfolio slug
add_filter( 'north_portfolio_slug', 'my_site_portfolio_slug' );

After doing so, please reset your Permalinks (go to Settings / Permalinks, change them back to default, save and then change back to pretty permalinks).